Trauma Dressing / Pressure Bandage

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A trauma dressing or a pressure bandage called is a great item to have in your IFAK or trauma kit. The bandages can control bleeding from head to toe. There are a few different bandages on the market.

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BlackBeardGoat Jr says:

Menstrual pads + ace bandage = israli bandage

nicolas cruz says:

You should do reviews on the H and H bandages!

josh Hodgen says:

So is there a difference between a pressure bandage and the stuff you wrap around a leg/foot/hand for say a sprain or something I've got a bunch of the rolls of this material but none of them have the part where the wound goes. I guess there called ace bandages.

Never.not.alone says:

If you had to choose just one, which one?

Throne Thrower says:

Not sold on the elastic pressure. I'll take the tension bar on the Israeli or thin H bandage any day. I'll also take the Olaes pressure cup over it.

Dancing Flame says:

can i get as much pressure on a wound with a normal bandage using brute force as i could with an isreali bandage..? or is it just a matter of speed and that the isreali bandage is quicker and easier to use…

Irving BigDady Eskenazi says:

Hey Skinny.
new subscriber here and, WOW great videos with tons of great info, so thanks for that.)

Samantha Mock says:

I got a ? I have made my own trauma kit that I carry in my edc bag that I keep in my car but It's pretty bulky I want a ifak that I could put in a cargo pocket any suggestions? and I also wanted to ask how I would go about getting a decompression needle and one of those allergic reaction pen needle without a prescription from a doctor any advice would be appreciated thanks brother keep up the vids

Todd.M says:

Would you recommend a conventional trauma dressing or the Israeli bandage?

Kevin Pinnock says:

Another great video SkinnyMedic! I'm curious as to your thoughts on the H-bandage and the Coflex UMAFD? I've heard a lot of mixed thoughts on H&H products in general and very little (practically none) about the Coflex UMAFD.

Alan R. says:

I really appreciate your no nonsense informative videos on these important tools that everyone should be familiar with. Thank you and bless you very much.

1johnmthompson says:

Nice qick well done

Jokeal says:

I can't find the 6 inch NAR bandage in your store. Will you be adding them soon?

TheMountainRN says:

I usually put a little twist when I pull right on the wound. Found recreate the finger presdure

Chany Reth says:

I am really excited about your new essentials trauma kit. I also wanted to thank you for these awesome videos.

Ryan Ross says:

With the Israeli bandage i saw somewhere that the clips on it are meant to be used for twisting to make it into a tourniquet.

TOM M says:

Good demonstration. Best

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