I’ve seen this in Afghanistan: Taliban in the mountains using regular blankets to try and hide from our air support. That works, until the blanket is heated by your body. So what about an emergency [More]
Build Unique Primitive Fish Trapping Tool Using Traditional Trap That Work 100%
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The ability to manufacture tools directly in space drastically reduces the cost of launching materials via supply ships each time they are required.
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http://www.ultimatesurvival.com/military-gov/survival-tools/tools.php there is only one real strikeforce tool, if it does not have the correct US patent on it, its not the real deal.. they come in red and black and should have patent 5,279,628 [More]
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Reduce energy costs by eliminating “night lights” or “always-on fixtures” in your auxiliary power applications with the IOTA ETS-DR. This unit allows you to bypass a wall switch, 0-10V dimming control, or other on-off control [More]