I’ve seen this in Afghanistan: Taliban in the mountains using regular blankets to try and hide from our air support. That works, until the blanket is heated by your body. So what about an emergency [More]
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Today I use my Pulsar RXQ30V Thermal Weapon Sight to see how well a metallized polyester emergency blanket works to hide some one from a thermal Imager… The results were surprising.
On our NASA site at: https://nasaeclips.arc.nasa.gov/playlists/realworld?v=real-world-hubble-thermal-blanket In this NASA video segment, learn how new technology and old-fashioned tailoring keep the Hubble Space Telescope in top shape so it can continue to gather more data about [More]
Johns Hopkins APL’s Eric Wallis, lead thermal multi-layer insulation engineer, discusses the spacecraft’s custom built thermal blankets role and function with APL’s Felipe Ruiz, deputy lead mechanical engineer. We also get to see the thermal [More]
In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew demonstrates the capabilities and limitations of thermal imaging cameras through a series of simple experiments. These reveal that, contrary to depictions on film and television, thermal imaging [More]
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This is a way to make a tent more efficient when heating it with a propane (Buddy) type heater.