Esri’s Emergency Management Operations Solution was created to help you prepare for the new normal. In this session, you will learn how ArcGIS supports real-time situational awareness, helps conduct damage assessment, and can manage public [More]
ArcGIS for Emergency Management solutions can be quickly deployed with the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool. With this tool, GIS staff and emergency management personnel can quickly and easily deploy Emergency Management solutions. During deployment, the [More]
A short intro to the Ready-Heat Temperature Management line of blankets for hospitals. Ready-Heat blankets move with the patient through pre- peri- and post- op to maintain normothermia, keeping the patient warm for at least [More]
ABB now has a product that provides real-time emergency monitoring system with wired and wireless technology. Reduce maintenance costs, labor costs, while improving your reporting. Available in the US and Canada For more information visit: [More]
Did you know reducing your environmental impact helps the sustainability of your business? SeeBiz, a b2b platform, provides a greater chance of success for your business without damaging the environment, simply by using its tailor-made [More]
What happens if you’re a Sales and Marketing management consultant, and not tracking client hours with Standard Time®? You soon forget which clients are paying the bills, and priorities go out the window. Bad idea! [More]
Is Having A Good Reputation Management Review Attract More Business?
Click here to Acces ebook Trial Lean Product Management: Successful products from fuzzy business ideas EbookUnlimied ebook acces Lean Product Management: Successful products from fuzzy business ideas,full ebook Lean Product Management: Successful products from [More]
EmerGIS is one of our core products for emergency and disaster management, which is adaptable to the needs and size of any emergency response agency. EmerGIS is used mainly in emergency C4IS (Command, Control, Communications, [More]
Copernicus EMS can provide maps and brief analysis of a situation within hours or days after a crisis event. In this video learn how crisis managers can use the Copernicus EMS products in a situation [More]