Super-Cute Safety Kit Includes Emergency Automotive Escape Hammer Tool – Seat… PKR Price

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This video presents the Total Price/Cost* of the following product when delivered to consumers at their doorsteps in Pakistan using Option 2 below. It also shows a few product details and picture(s).

Option 1: Buy directly from (if seller supports shipping to Pakistan)
Option 2: Import it in Pakistan using some package forwarding services (popular method in Pakistan)

Product Title found at above link: Super-Cute Safety Kit Includes Emergency Automotive Escape Hammer Tool – Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker, Personal Security Alarm, Self-Defense Pepper Spray Keychain for Women
* Total Price/Cost reflects carefully calculated amount that a shopper in Pakistan will have to pay to get above product delivered at his doorsteps (using Option 2).
Total Cost breakdown:
1. Product value (including PKR to USD conversion charges) +
2. International shipping cost according to weight: +
3. Customs & clearance (import duties) +
4. Domestic courier charges
A few details about above product:
1. THREE POWERFUL SURVIVAL TOOLS – Set Includes Escape Hammer, Pepper Spray, & Personal Alarm

2. CAR RESCUE TOOL – Break Glass and Cut Seat Belt with Top Safety Pick in Auto Accessories

3. PEPPER SPRAY FOR WOMEN – 1.4% MC, Sprays 12 Feet, 15-20 Bursts, UV Dye Can Stain Attacker’s Face

4. SELF DEFENSE YOU CAN TAKE EVERYWHERE – 115 Decibel Alarm with LED Safety Key Light is TSA Compliant

5. DESIGNED FOR WOMEN – Keeping Over 1 Million Girls Safe Since 2013


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