PRO Emergency Response Go-Kit

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Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes or any other disaster can
instantly disable fiber communication. Fiber optic repair crews
often need to get into areas inaccessible by vehicle, and need
a wide assortment of equipment and supplies to get the job
done. That’s where PRO’s Emergency Response Kit (ERK)
becomes more than just convenient – it becomes

Everything a technician needs to inspect, diagnose,
repair and test fiber optic networks is contained in the ERK
water-resistant backpack, including a hard-shell enclosure for
up to a 17” laptop!

With six kits to choose from, there’s a kit to suit every task and
every budget. For less than the price of a single splicer from a
competing manufacturer, you can have everything you’ll need
to get the job done – in a backpack!

The Challenge:
If you can find a competing
manufacturer’s equipment and supplies, with the same or
better specs, at a lower price, we’ll meet or beat the price.

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