Esri’s Emergency Management Operations Solution was created to help you prepare for the new normal. In this session, you will learn how ArcGIS supports real-time situational awareness, helps conduct damage assessment, and can manage public [More]
ArcGIS for Emergency Management solutions can be quickly deployed with the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool. With this tool, GIS staff and emergency management personnel can quickly and easily deploy Emergency Management solutions. During deployment, the [More]
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Samsung’s infinite line of Galaxy devices. Can you think of a Samsung mobile device that isn’t Galaxy branded? Probably not. Samsung has chosen to produce so many Galaxy devices that its become near impossible to [More]
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10 Amazing Survival Gadgets You Should Have (2020) ▶️ Subscribe: ▶️ Survival Gadgets 0:05 Firefly Swiss Army Knife Fire Starter (Amazon) 0:49 PYYROS Modular Flashlight Multi Tool is ready for anything 2:38 [More]
Support TOGR with Patreon : This is the Bushcraft Overnight Adventure III. Enjoy! More Adventures are coming soon! … Check out our web site for more information concerning everything seen on our Channel including [More]
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Sensible Prepper Presents: “My Top 3 Survival Items”. If you only had 3 things at your disposal for survival, what would they be. This is meant to get you to think about :”What do you [More]
Top 10 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gear that provides you the much-needed advantage to help you go through any situation with confidence. Best Survival Gear List: (Affiliate Link) 1. Zippo Emergency Fire Kit 00:42 Amazon [More]