Micro Trauma Kit

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We wanted to build the smallest but effective trauma kit. When you build or buy a trauma kit you think to think about the MARCH algorithm.

We built this kit using:

SWAT-T Tourniquet
H&H Micro Tac Gauze
North American Rescue Mini 4″ Flat ETD
Combat Medical Pre-Lubed NPA
NAR Hyfin Compact Chest Seals
Dynarex Survival Blanket


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SkinnyMedic says:

You can buy all the supplies from my store here! https://medicalgearoutfitters.com/

Sean Stevens says:

Cool kit. I would suggest the TMT tourniquet (that you sell), unwrapped, for a similar footprint as the SWAT-T. Difference of course is that it is a real approved tourniquet with much better outcomes. Downside is price, 20 bucks more expensive.

Jasmine Pina says:

I can always excuse why I use big purses if I carry a trauma kit around

Paige Proffitt says:


Mark Olsen says:

Don't neglect the Trendelenberg position for shock, once bleeding has been stopped

Jay Anderson says:

take my money!!!

De Nederlandse BOA Academie NBA says:

Right on, skinny. Add the smallest roll of duct tape and use the packaging of the chest seal. We've been doing this for a long time already. Rain, salt water, anything…. does not effect the ifak. And…. Sealed means still complete πŸ™‚

Lenny Ynnel says:

Did you ever tried to put vacuum-sealed gloves on?

Bryant Davis says:

Also how about the compact cpr mask, (and cpr training of course)?

Bryant Davis says:

Can bicycle inner tubes or even 3-4 inch wide ribbon be used as a small, economical (replacement) for the swat?

Michael Boehm says:

Nice lil kit!

Herp McDerpingston III, Esq. says:

I just got done doing almost the same thing because I usually leave big first aid in the truck at the range. Same things other than a typical NPA and vacuumed it in the food saver. Definitely pocket-sized now!

Ray Tang says:

I use a M4 double mag pouch (those with a velcro flap), and I just put a Benchmade 7 hook, NAR S-rolled gauze, Coban, NPA, gloves, and a small roll of duct tape. I carry a CAT Gen 7 separately. The set up doesn’t take up much space, but I do wish to carry more items.

Lorenzo Ianicelli says:

Yo Skinny, I got a paramedic bro who's been servicing goplats in the Gulf Of Mexico for over a decade now. He has his own store where he builds first aid kits, it's called SOLATAC. Check it out

Brandon Ashby says:

when you going to bring back the subscription box

Shaun Brooks says:

Hey I used my kit I got from you few weeks back I have to get another one I was a firefighter for 15 years and always have a trama kit in every car and in my edc bag thanks for all you do for us brother..god bless hope you and family are all healthy

MrSpinteractive says:

Looking forward to buying the kit when it's available. Thank You!

Gun Sense (drmaudio) says:

FirstCare makes a consumer packaged "WoundStop" Israeli bandage with pressure bar (red bannered pack, not the green). the pad is 4×7 on a 3 yard wrap. The material is thinner than the military 4", but it packs extremely small and is the traditional Israeli design and pressure bar. For those reason, I prefer it to the NAR flat pack when space is a premium. Being an Israeli product, I know sourcing could be difficult and supplies may not be stable, both of which would be good reasons not to include it, but something to consider.

Mark Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this micro trauma kit. I've been building a first aid/trauma kit for my motorcycle and it just has become so large, it takes about half of one saddlebag. Clearly I have too much stuff like all sizes of bandaids. Watching this will help me focus on the main things and perhaps a few extras. One thing I was thinking I should add is some type of splint as broken bones will likely be something I'd see or experience in a bike accident. What type of splint would you recommend or anything specific to a bikers trauma kit?

Capt Fantastic says:

If a patient's bleeding and breathing have already been treated and the patient's temperature is going down and the first responder doesn't have a thermal blanket, could the responder lay alongside the person or employ other people to lay on each side of the patient? Thoughts?

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