Difference between hemorrhage control kit and trauma kit!

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Are you confused between the difference between a hemorrhage control and a trauma kit? I will walk you through the components of a hemorrhage control kit and the components that make up a good trauma kit.

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MrJayBee8 says:

“If you can’t SEE the trauma, you can’t FIX IT.” Wow man that was deep. I think I’m gunna schedule an appointment with my therapist now. Thanks.

Matthew Freye says:

Hey SkinnyMedic! I feel really interested in your videos. They seem clear, concise, and at a level that a non-emergency professional like myself can understand. I work in finance for a large financial firm and have little to no experience in medical emergencies. I would like to become certified (perhaps through the American Red Cross) to be able to assist my fellow man in the event of an emergency and not just certification in CPR, but in severe bleeding, broken limbs, etc. Where would you recommend I start? Thanks!

White Supremacist says:

Your legitimacy went out the window when you suggested RATs. Thanks for playing, don’t pass go, forget the $200.

Cetok01 says:

Great video, great advice. I'm putting together some trauma kits for my church. BTW: there's no need and little purpose to adding the outtakes. Just sayin'. Keep up the good work.

Jackson Burgess says:

Good friends = no need for ppe …. sure thing

Juanjo3dmax says:

jajaja the bloopers are the best too thanks for so much

Brian Hutton says:

Don’t forget NPAs are contraindicated for head trauma. Knowing when to not use/ do something is just as important as know when to

James Shaffer says:

A lot of people who are building kits are doing it on a Monthly basis. The first person to come out with a Monthly Subscription Box will do very well.

Russell says:

late to the discussion, with my kit I all ways carry a decompression needle. i'm not a current EMT[ was EMT for like 10 years]. However. a lot of accident ive come across, there has been a nurse,medic or doctor show up. they can use it if you have it. also. if your camping/hiking and someone falls, etc and breaks a rib, you are there ONLY Hope….on the down side. we have to take it out when we fly. most kits are allowed on flights. even your shears ;=] Remember. Help who you can. Mind blower. there also a term. Spontainious nemothorac [spellcheck]

Graydon Sharp says:

I have no training on how to use a decompression needle, would caring one in a trauma kit so I could give it to someone on site who has training be worth it?

Eric Nahaha says:

Trust me sheers are important. Take it from a guy who stabbed himself while cutting off a flak jacket. Important.

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