Flex Seal for Survival Hacks We’re taking Flex Seal Rubberized coating and applying it to different items that could be useful in a Survival Situation or for everyday task. Big thanks to Richard MrMadMick15 YouTube [More]
Code STEMI: Heart Attack Survival
All what you need to manage your emergency backpack for 72 hours. This an application helps you build your very own but out bag – making sure you have water, documents, flashlights, and multiple other [More]
Joe and Thania Fagan are huddled in their bath tub praying for survival as Hurricane Andrew makes landfall as a category 5 hurricane.
Rocket Stove for Urban Survival
Shawn from We Like Shooting wanted a kit that he could put in his cargo pocket. He plans on carrying a CAT in the other pocket. Kit Includes: SWAT-T Combat Gauze Pre-Lubed NPA Compact Hyfins [More]
More on Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006RH5I?tag=thefatkidin06-20 Celestron Accessory Kit Five superior grade Plossl eyepieces all fully multi-coated for maximum contrast and resolution 2x 125-inch Barlow lens gives you a total of ten power combinations Six colored [More]
Infectious Disease ELISA kits: HIV-1&2 Ab/Ag ELISA kitCompany name: Diagnostic Automation, Inc.Company website: www.rapidtest.com
Website: http://www.rapidtest.com/products-elisakits.html#ParasitologyParasitology Antibody ELISA kits: Tetanus ELISA kitELISA kit manufacturer: Diagnostic Automation, Inc., 818 591 3030, USA.