$300 eBay Survival Kit

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Smallest Makita Chainsaw Cutting Test – https://youtu.be/_VBQ51O2Kys





P.O. Box 49
Waynesville, NC 28786


River churnet says:

On today's episode of i got ripped off..

Nguyen Dunn says:


Mario Chingon says:

Looks like the seller hit the dollar tree with $30! 🀣🀣

Fishin with Mat says:

Day 90 of telling him to do a pocket knife giveaway

Carmen Rodriguez says:

Anyone know, why a mouse trap?

Quicksand says:

It’s sad it seems like you’ve lost your enthusiasm

Rumah BenAvari says:

E-bay way to gp

VERDUGO 92YT says:

This is something new what did you type in for this box

jpawhees says:

Survival kit in a multi pocket vest.

FloralAxis SunBro says:

FYI….I RECOMEND watching the testing of the exploding mini stove. SAFETY IS #1 PRIORITY. ALSO funny

Mike Best says:

thats a ok deal looks good bud

Grt Prc says:

I can see he is loosing motivation on everything

james chitwood jr says:

The red belt thing is actually a turniket

Ralph Pannone says:

300 dollars of cheap poo poo

mike tyson says:

Please just take a break or find something else for content. This isn't even fun/interesting anymore mainly because of the attitude.

ParaPick Tog says:

That looks like a decent one. With the tent and sleeping bag you could probably camp out for a week.

Soggy Diaper says:

give me $300 and I'll survive for a month

Liviu Bogdan says:

"Notting" very unique pffff

Rusty Packer says:

That one had a lot of different stuff

Clint Moffett says:

Get everything into the bag

BestMonkey says:

Mutch better then some way mor expensive that you tested

lorenzo blue says:

I think this one was actually pretty good. If i had $300 to spend I’d buy it

santino spikez says:


Johnathan Eng says:

I will say mouse traps are a clever device for a wilderness survival kit lightweight reusable traps for small prey. I have never heard anyone say put mouse traps in their kits, I will add it to the list.

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